Document Upload

Non-US Noba users must complete the document upload flow. This includes the submission of a national ID, such as a passport, driver's license, or nation identification card. You can learn more about accepted documents here.

Once the document image(s) have been posted, we will update the consumer record. The end user will receive an email notification to return to the application once their document has been verified. You can check the status of the document verification via the GET /v1/consumers or GET /v1/verify/document/result/{id} endpoints.

After a user record is updated with their document verification status, they should be routed according to the User Routing table at the bottom of this page.


Document Upload Flow

Document Types and Image Requirements

Noba supports document verification of varying types, including passports, national IDs, and driver licenses. The UI must allow the user to select the document type that they choose to upload. Depending on the chosen document type, the user will need to upload either one or two images. For example, a passport upload only requires a single image posted via the frontImage parameter. Driver licenses require the upload of two images: frontImage and backImage. For more information, please refer to the POST /v1/verify/document endpoint.


Multiple image uploads must be submitted via ONE API call

When uploading a document that requires both frontImage and backImage, both images must be submitted via one call of the POST /v1/verify/document endpoint.

Image Formatting

Document images should be submitted as a bitmap, jpeg, png, or pdf. The image sizes have to be between 30KB and 5MB each.


Images should be no larger than 600px

The longest dimension of the image should be no larger than 600 pixels.

Utilized API Endpoints:


User Logic Table Sorted by Descending Priority


Don't forget the sessionKey!

The sessionKey created at the start of the user flow must remain consistent throughout.