Getting Started with Noba

Choose your embed option

In order to integrate with Noba, you must first decide on your integration method - widget or API-first. While the API provides you with full customization of the look and feel of your onramp, it will take some time to complete. Our widget allows you to integrate rapidly, while still offering thematic customization.

Fast widget integration


Embed our widget in 5 minutes or less!

Utilizing our widget embed, you can start testing our integration in no time. Our development team can work with you to customize your widget's theme to match your brand's look and feel.

<!-- Import noba-widget.js via CDN -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- Create the div element to contain the Noba Widget -->
<div id="noba-widget"></div>

<!-- Initiate the Noba Widget-->
    new NobaWidget({
        apiKey: 'YOUR-API-KEY',                  // (Required) Reach out to [email protected] if you require an API key.
        containerID: 'noba-widget',              // (Recommended) ID of the container element - set to 'noba-widget' by default.
        userEmail: '[email protected]',             // (Optional) 
        userID: 'partners_ID',                   // (Optional) 
        defaultCrypto: 'ETH',                    // (Optional) Default crypto to display - set to 'ETH' by default.
        amount: 50,                              // (Optional) Default amount to purchase in US Dollars - set to 50 by default.
        skipInputScreen: false,                  // (Optional) Boolean to skip the transaction input selection screen. Ignored if defaultCrypto or amount are empty.
        nobaSourceEnv: 'partner-test',           // (Optional) Default source to display - set to `partner-test` by default.
        destinationAddress: '0x...123',          // (Optional) This input allows the ability to pre-set the destination address for a transaction.

API-first integration

Check out our API reference to get started integrating a fully customized, white-labeled solution.

KYB Onboarding

Once you have selected your integration method, you will need to complete our "Know Your Business" or KYB form, which can be found here.

What’s Next