Once a user has completed the onboarding process, they can transact by purchasing the digital asset of their choice. All transactions must be preceded by a summary page, including the quote price, fees, and legal disclosures. Furthermore, the user must agree to the Noba terms of service as well as our third-party partner's terms of service. The exact language is presented in the sample UI images below.


Order Confirmation

Transaction Checks

Due to the immutability of blockchain transactions, the Noba transaction workflow involves a number of steps to protect the user as well as validate that all parameters are accurate and within the user's limits. A transaction will only be processed if all of the conditionals below are met:

  1. All required user statuses are approved
  2. The destination address chosen for the transaction is linked to the user
  3. The transaction amount is within the user's current transaction limit

Status Workflow

Once a transaction is successfully submitted, Noba will update the transaction status as it is processed. The possible statuses are:



Request a webhook for more control!

You may request a webhook connection to track the initiation and completion of the transaction.

Regulatory Requirements

Network Fee Disclosure

The estimated network fee is an approximation and the actual network fee applied on a withdrawal may differ.

Order Immutability Disclosure

Orders may not be canceled or reversed once submitted by you. By submitting a withdrawal request, you are requesting an on-chain transaction that is not reversible or recallable. You are responsible for reviewing the recipient address and ensuring it is the correct address for the selected asset for withdrawal.

Noba Agreements Checkbox

I agree to the Noba Terms of Service, and I have read and understand Noba's Privacy Notice.

Zero Hash Agreements Checkbox

I agree to the Zero Hash and Zero Hash Liquidity Services User Agreement, and I have read and understand the Zero Hash Privacy Policy and Regulatory Disclosures. I understand that the value of any cryptocurrency, including digital assets pegged to fiat currency, commodities, or any other asset, may go to zero.

Utilized API Endpoints:


Don't forget the sessionKey!

The sessionKey created at the start of the user flow must remain consistent throughout.