User Flow Overview

User State Routing

In order to ensure that the user is accurately granted access to the Noba services, we supply our partners with consumer statuses to facilitate proper state handling and validation. The table below offers a prioritized list from top to bottom of the states that should be validated as a user interacts with the Noba API.

This state handling is critical for properly building out the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Document Upload flows in the onboarding process below.


User Logic Table Sorted by Descending Priority

The Home Screen

The typical home screen involves the entry of order parameters. This involves the creation of the sessionKey, the continuous polling of order quotes, and biometric device checks. If the user is logged in, we recommend validating transaction limits on the front end. While we recommend this home screen configuration, we are able to support alternative configurations. However, the sessionKey and biometric devices are critical for the user flow to function properly.


Home Screen Flows


Recommended User Interface

The Noba home screen offers the end user the ability to set a transaction via fixing the price in FIAT currency or fixing the amount of the digital asset they would like to receive. We recommend displaying the conversion rate, the total fees as well as the substructure of fees, and the necessary disclosures.

Please note that some digital assets do not support the ability to fix the amount of digital asset to be received.


The Noba home screen

Utilized API Endpoints:

User Onboarding

The user onboarding involves the creation of an account via email verification. Once a user has verified their email utilizing our one-time passcode, they must submit their identifying information as part of our Know Your Customer (KYC) process. If the user is a non-US resident, they will be required to upload a photo identification document such as a passport or national ID.


User Onboarding - The user routing table is depicted at the top of this page

Utilized API Endpoints:

Order Details and Submittion

In order to submit an order, a consumer must link a destination wallet and payment method to their account. Once they have done so and agreed to our terms of services, they will be able to submit their order.


Order Details and Submission

Utilized API Endpoints:

Account Management

To give your users the best user experience with Noba, we recommend the following six menu screens for account management:

  1. Wallets
  2. Payment Methods
  3. Order History
  4. User Status
  5. Transaction Limits
  6. Profile

Account Management Screens

Utilized API Endpoints: