In order to transact with Noba, users must link an external blockchain account, otherwise known as Wallets to their Noba account. As blockchain transactions are immutable and irreversible, it is critical that users verify that they are the true owners of wallets linked to their accounts. To ensure this is true, Noba utilizes a one-time-password verification for linking new wallet addresses to an account. The flow is described below.


Wallet Selection/Addition Flow

The UI for our integration should include a list of wallets linked to the account, as well as an option to add a new wallet. Displaying the user's linked wallets can be accomplished via the GET /v1/consumers endpoint.

Adding the wallet is a two-step process. First, the user enters the wallet address which must be submitted via the POST /v1/consumers/wallets endpoint. Once a user enters the address for a new wallet, a one-time-password is sent to their email address, and they should be prompted to enter this code verification via the POST /v1/consumers/wallets/confirm endpoint.


Custom wallet controls

Under certain circumstances, such as wallet provider integrations, Noba integration partners may prefer to automatically link the user's addresses on their application and lock transactions to only this list. Please reach out to the Noba team via [email protected] to inquire about this option.

Utilized API Endpoints: